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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of May



firstname lastname country month day
John Brownrigg USA November 02
Robbie Boswell USA November 04
Jerry Boynton USA November 01
Roger Williams USA November 03
Glenn Knight USA November 07
Michael Flaherty USA November 02
Mias Cilliers RSA November 01
Sandra Gifford AUS November 06
Mike Molepske USA November 07
David Harper USA November 03
Chris Silkowski USA November 02
Richard Knowles AUS November 08
Warren Wark AUS November 11
Andrea Eggert USA November 03
John Mylle BEL November 03
John Mylle USA November 03
Andrew Richardson AUS November 04
Clint Collier AUS November 03
Mitch Groen NZL November 12
Irene Staal Boven NED November 13
Steve Krumwiede USA November 13
Ross Holden CAN November 14
Bernhard Kosch AUT November 14
Tony Powell AUS November 16
Aiden Finch GBR November 17
Jim Boyette USA November 18
Chris Attinella USA November 21
Garry Askin CAN November 22
Patrice Beekandt FRA November 25
Nicholas Harper USA November 25
Ludo Vrancx BEL November 27
Niel Foster NZL November 27
Blake Ehlers USA November 29
Al Posada USA November 30
Brian Heeney USA November 30
Melanie Ward NZL November 30
Mike Spence USA November 06
Jack Williams AUS November 18
Joe Lovato USA November 24
John Schrunk USA November 18