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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of May



firstname lastname country month day
Eckhard Bencina GER May 11
Steve Mulryan USA May 12
Jim Piskura USA May 05
Don King AUS May 07
Brenda Groen NZL May 04
Tony Manis USA May 09
Ros Richardson AUS May 12
Andrew Skelton NZL May 02
Rich Kaufman USA May 06
Jamie Sherwood CAN May 05
Shane Brooks AUS May 06
Michael Suarez USA May 01
Ryan Mcdonald IRL May 05
Stefan Wimmer AUT May 02
Brody Benoist USA May 08
Mathijs Zielmann NED May 08
Anthony Collica USA May 06
Philip Dean I USA May 13
Ken Kaestner USA May 13
Andy Dreifort USA May 14
Jimmy Spell USA May 14
Alfred Hager USA May 15
Eloise Beattie AUS May 18
John Skobrak Sr. USA May 23
Sharon Carlson USA May 24
Stefan W÷sting GER May 24
Andrew Mcdonald IRL May 24
Nick Burnett NZL May 24
Billy Benoist USA May 24
Marc Verschakelen BEL May 28
Kathy Rayner AUS May 29
Ryan Beangstrom RSA May 29
Michael Netzer USA May 30