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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of May



firstname lastname country month day
Richard Grant USA July 06
John Friede USA July 03
Colin Reed NZL July 12
Debbie Fahrenthold USA July 05
Barry Delaporte AUS July 07
Arlette Rossi FRA July 06
Tim Bailey USA July 10
Walter Haazen BEL July 11
Aaron York USA July 03
Didier Brugeau FRA July 04
Cameron Smith AUS July 12
Blake Summers GBR July 08
Chet Batson USA July 08
Cathy Bourke NZL July 09
Kyal Niemann RSA July 09
Christian Marschalek AUT July 04
Landen Ehlers USA July 03
Chelsea Hammonds USA July 07
Vaughan Cox NZL July 13
Gary Stewart USA July 14
Valerie Shinn USA July 14
Sue MacNamera CAN July 14
Jan Honsinger USA July 14
Ashley Knowles AUS July 14
John Burnett NZL July 15
Chad Lough USA July 15
Dale Henrickson USA July 17
Andrew Martin USA July 17
William Farrell USA July 18
David Miller USA July 18
Alex Kittl AUT July 18
Pat Green CAN July 19
Brian Pritchard CAN July 20
Jean-Marie Poncey FRA July 21
Rick Stenson III USA July 22
Greg Meyer USA July 28
Ettore Stagi ITA July 29
Ray Ivory AUS July 31
Glenn Kinnear USA July 31