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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of May



firstname lastname country month day
Dan Cummings USA January 11
Phil Leschen AUS January 04
Jess Caserta USA January 05
Mandy Wood AUS January 06
Larry Covre CAN January 01
Lane Bowers USA January 12
Gina McKee USA January 01
Jon Coretti USA January 03
Carla Hopler USA January 04
Abigail Flaherty USA January 08
Ben Harris GBR January 03
Timo Schwarzkopf AUT January 11
John Patterson USA January 14
Ronny Jansen BEL January 14
Mikael Soderquist SWE January 15
Jandre Grimbeek RSA January 15
Russell Boerner USA January 16
Mark Hollis AUS January 18
Brian Scoggin USA January 19
Don Simon USA January 20
Jeff Milbrath USA January 21
Tom Brown NZL January 21
Bob LaReau USA January 23
Michael Salber USA January 23
Daniel Kolasko CAN January 25
David Ross USA January 26
Ben Groen NZL January 26
Jimmy Tauras USA January 27
Mark Wells USA January 28
Gary Stormark USA January 30
Patrick Whyte FRA January 30
William Thomas, Jr. USA January 31
Banana George USA January 22
Steph Hamblyn NZL January 02
Steph Hamblyn NZL January 02