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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of May



firstname lastname country month day
Andrew Conway USA February 07
Mike Frankenbush USA February 06
Shawn Flores USA February 06
Michele Gleason USA February 05
Pat Scippa USA February 11
Georg Wimmer AUT February 02
Mike Hibrant CAN February 02
Stephanie Hamblyn NZL February 01
Megan Noy AUS February 09
Robert Blaauw AUS February 13
Eric Aertsens BEL February 14
Devin Nolen NED February 14
Lee RIECK USA February 15
Kathy Hockly NZL February 15
Judy Myers USA February 16
Jan Lambert BEL February 16
Matthew Harris GBR February 19
Elke Venken BEL February 19
Brian Sullivan AUS February 20
Jim Forster USA February 20
Peter Nilsson SWE February 22
Tyler Groen NZL February 22
Brenda Sherwood CAN February 25
Dawn Farrell USA February 26
Scott Lockwood USA February 27
Elise Martinez USA February 29
Marissa Williams USA February 13
Char Portman USA February 24
Mark Hammond USA February 25