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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of May



firstname lastname country month day
Jeff Waterfall USA December 03
Joe Malenfant USA December 06
Doug Rufenacht USA December 05
Gordie Croteau CAN December 10
Andre De Villiers RSA December 01
Bradley Stebbeings AUS December 05
Jake Dahms USA December 03
Clement Maillard FRA December 12
Sam Groen NZL December 01
Pascal Bauwens RSA December 08
Christopher Szwed USA December 13
Michael Wemmert USA December 13
Don Carnathan USA December 13
Luke Van Den Heuvel AUS December 13
Laura Dickers AUS December 13
Terry Schuler USA December 15
Ryan Groen NZL December 17
Tim Failes AUS December 19
Eric Combier FRA December 19
John Price AUS December 20
Franck Beurai FRA December 20
Gizella Halasz AUS December 23
Brenton Crouch AUS December 25
Sherri A Morse USA December 28
Danny Kolasko CAN December 29
Rick Soubliere USA December 29
Mike Fasbender USA December 29
Andy McCarville USA December 31
Billy Nichols USA December 31
Johnathon Martines USA December 05
Christopher Raposo USA December 15
Bob Miller USA December 16
Sarah Linton NZL December 28