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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of May



firstname lastname country month day
Debbe-Ann Medina USA August 06
Tad Honsinger USA August 10
Duane Godfrey CAN August 06
Erica Gustafson USA August 03
Chuck Gleason USA August 04
Joseph Jacinto USA August 06
Jeff Stein USA August 08
Bart Vanderwegen BEL August 08
J.J. Link USA August 11
Nicky Brouns BEL August 06
Marc Niebuhr GER August 13
Leigh Sloot AUS August 14
Mike Spence CAN August 15
Kip Hanson USA August 17
Tom Roberts USA August 18
Ben Ward NZL August 19
Frank Schulze AUT August 20
Patrick Bradley USA August 22
Katherine Rex-Hendler USA August 24
Tony Buonaiuto USA August 24
Carl Lawman GBR August 24
Michael Whitney USA August 25
Wolfram Kittl AUT August 25
Richard Hudson USA August 26
Dick Weschenfelder USA August 31
Ed Finley USA August 31
Jessica Skobrak USA August 31
Abbie Thomas USA August 14
John Martines USA August 02
Joel Dziedzic USA August 17
Jim “Pubski” Przybylski USA August 23
Mark Homer USA August 26
Jacob Weber USA August 13
James Weber USA August 25
Anthony Gramolino USA August 14