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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of April



firstname lastname country month day
Leonard Tremblay USA April 03
Tony Dickers AUS April 10
Thomas Tocco USA April 10
Mark Hazen USA April 01
Christopher Rinke USA April 08
Dan Carr CAN April 11
Ken Moore AUS April 02
Frank Zinn GER April 02
Scott Rundle USA April 04
Matthew Skobrak USA April 05
Amy Morrison USA April 11
Johnie Pressendo USA April 01
Alex Jacovides RSA April 13
Louis Simard CAN April 14
Heinrich Sam RSA April 14
Jared Fisher RSA April 14
Frankie Juhan CAN April 15
Seth Frase USA April 15
John Skobrak USA April 17
Royal Wiseman USA April 17
Nick Hamblyn NZL April 18
Garth Strydom RSA April 18
Carla Gerstein USA April 19
Tyler Carr CAN April 21
Al Butler USA April 22
Reiner Banitz GER April 23
Jacobus Van Tonder RSA April 24
Kelly O'Donnell NZL April 25
Mike Hartman USA April 26
Oakes Gary NZL April 26
Kay Wiser USA April 28
Doug Jordan USA April 29
Scott Sanborn USA April 29
Patrick Villiard CAN April 30
Nastassja Van Wyk RSA April 30
Ron Scarpa USA April 16
Eddie Smit NED April 25
Ryan Lamon USA April 10
Adam Mason USA April 04
Andrew Trottier USA April 02