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South African Scene
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Voting Ends Oct 11, 2011

In order to cast your vote, please fill out the form below, then after watching each video, rate it 1 to 10 and add any comments, or advice for the competitor.  Please note:  We will not be using any data we collect to send out marketing campaigns or emails.  We are just tracking where votes are coming from around the world and what age groups are doing the most voting.  We thank you for your participation!! We do reserve the right to publish your name only next to any comments you submit. 

First Name:     Last Name:     
State/Province where you live:     COUNTRY:       
Email Address for validation purposes:  

Voting rules:  We will allow up to 5 votes from a single household.  Contestants can vote.

How Does the Voting Work?
Click Here to watch and IMPORTANT video explaining what not to do when voting
Step 1:  Watch each video. 
Step 2: Score each video from 1 to 10.  Ratings are described below
1= Terrible - can't stand it.  I feel I just wasted 5 minutes of my life watching this video
2 = Not the worst I've every seen, but darn close
3 = Shows signs of potential, but still needs a lot of work
4 = I liked one or two things about the video, but still below my expectations
5 = Average - Good effort.  This is what I'd consider average.  Entertaining, but not mind blowing.
6 = Average video, but there's at least one thing about it I'll be telling my friends about.
7 = Above Average.  This video is entertaining, but the tricks aren't mind blowing
8 = Way Above Average.  This video entertained me and showed me a a definate style I'd like to ski like.
9 = Near perfect.  Amazing Video, unique style, off the hook tricks.  I would give it a 10, but I don't believe anything is perfect.  Amazing!
10 = Unbelievable!  More than I expected.  I'd break my #9 rule for this video.  I can't see anything being better than this.  This is the Mack-daddy!

Pro Division
Warning:, Eagle Sports, and all of our affiliates & partner warn skiers not to try any of the tricks or moves shown in these videos without proper training and use of proper safety equipment.  Contestants assume all risks of injury and hold harmless and all of our affiliates & partnering sponsors for any injuries incurred while producing their videos. Don not try these stunts without proper training and safety personnel.
Pro Contestant Video


Add a comment or advice
Please enter your comments, likes/dislikes or suggestions for next video below
Landen Ehlers
(Austin, Tx USA)


Andre De Villiers
(South Africa)

Brendan Paige

Zane De Villiers
(South Africa)

Beau Palin
(Chicago, IL USA)



Amateur Division

The following competitors have been classified as NEW and improving Freestylers.  These videos will be judged separately.  The winner will receive a BRAND NEW Eagle Sports Wetsuit. 

Click Here for video Explaining Why We're Making the Change


Add a comment or advice
Please enter your comments, likes/dislikes or suggestions for next video below
Nelis van de Pol
(South Africa)

Vernon de Kock
(South Africa)

Hunter Nunley
(College Station, TX USA)

Haley Hopkins & Lizzie Rhea
(Pickwick, TN USA)

Chad Sullivan
(Houston, Tx USA)

AJ Debois



What do the competitors have a chance to win?
Prize breakdowns will be as follows:

2010 Schedule 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place
Round 1
Video Due May 22
$500 $250 $150 $75 $25
Round 2
Video Due July 24
$750 $350 $250 $150 $75
Round 3
Video Due Sept 25
$1000 $500 $300 $200 $100
BONUS to Overall Winner $325
We'll show you the money if you show us the video!!
Grand Total Cash Payouts $5000

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