BAREFOOT Babe Photo Shoot
What boat looks the best with the hot babes in, or on, or hanging from it?

Take a great barefoot boat, mi in a few hot looking Texas babes and a cooler full of beer, and you can't help but have a good time.  So, see if you can answer the question.  You'll find our answer below.

Hey boys! How much horsepower is under your hood?

A tower isn't complete without crazy loud speakers and a very hot Texas babe.

How good lookin is your barefoot coach.  Shelly gives instruction
Texas style.  Her motto is:
"Just lean back and get a firm grip on the handle"

If you look close, you can just make out the words "Barefoot Sanger"

When you drive, do you look OVER or.......------>

through the windshield?????

It's good to be the KING!

Mike West looks on as the girls take in some rays on the front of
the Barefoot Sanger. 

Bimini visibility test

Unlike the girl in Waterski Magazine, Michele is the REAL DEAL.
She not only looks good, she can foot right along with the best of the boys.
 Long line back wakes, toe-holds, and surface turns. 
Here she's showing where we got the SMOKIN
in Toe Smokin Bad Boys.

$100 to the person who sends in a picture with our BFM logo
 that looks better than this.

Never mind, this one looks better.

Billy Nichols shows off the new Team Barefoot Central suit
by Eagle

I love this sport!!!

How many babes can you get on your motor box?

If you decide not to purchase judges seats for your new Sanger
you'll need to improvise your judges seating arrangements. Here's
one method to allow 4 judges clear visibility of the skier.

Hey guys, did anyone notice my cool Loud Liquid Speakers?
Special Thanks to


Shelly Singer
Lisa Puccio
Michele Gleason
Tanya Johnston
Heather Davis

Answer to question above:  What boats?

Not enough?
Click here for our bonus picture