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2014 BFC
 Freestyle Challenge

FINAL Round of the Freestyle Challenge
Videos are in!!
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2014 marks the 6th year of the BFC Freestyle Challenge.  This is the only CASH prize video tournament for ALL levels of barefoot waterskiers.  Over the last five years, we have given away over $22,500 in cash prizes to barefooters of all ages and abilities.  We're proud to have Sanger boats and Eagle Sports as sponsors again this season.

Whether you're a beginner, senior, junior, male, or female of any skill level, you can win.  The Freestyle Challenge gives every skier around the world the opportunity to present themselves to the world stage with a chance to take home some cool cash, which of course can be used to buy some cool new gear.  Click Here for more info...

Ski, Have Fun & Win CASH!!

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                                           Barefoot Waterskiing
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