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Welcome to Barefoot Central! You are visitor  
We're your on-line magazine for barefoot waterskiing. 

 Our thoughts on the new IBA (International Barefoot Association) and KSO's decision to boycott all IWSA events

 If you know the history of BFC & Eagle - Watch the Shorter Version

 If you don't know Chuck & History of BFC & Eagle - Watch this Version











We're most excited about our continued partnership with FOOTSTOCK.  We're proud to work with the organizers of this very fun and challenging event.  If you're looking for cash prizes, tough competition and a fun event to attend with the entire family, Footstock should be at the top of your list for 2015. 

We're planning to kick things up the FUN notch this year as we expand the COSTUME Division at Footstock.  This is not the division for the SERIOUS competitors.  Actually, none of the top 16 winners in the Open Division from the 2014 event will be allowed to enter the Costume Division.  That all but guarantees the Custome Division will have a NEW Cash Prize winner.  This division will reward the skiers that can demonstrate both FUN CREATIVITY and Skiing Ability.  So get those creative juices flowing.

For those costume contestants that want to earn some extra credit, we're offering a free Eagle barefoot suit as a prize to the best Footstock Training Video that demonstrates how your character trains for Footstock.  We want you to introduce your character in the video, and show us how dedicated your character is to training for the Figure-8 World Championship.  Email is at when your video is done and we'll be sure to post it on BFC as well as get you to upload it to the Footstock Page on Facebook at

Stay tuned for more information on Footstock throughout the summer.


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